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Wood and Commercial Design

Commercial design has been getting greener for several years now with the trending buzz word being that of biophilic design. Making your working environment a healthier, more natural space can only be good for employees and the environment.

So how can you achieve a greener, healthier, more biophilic work space?

Using Wood To Achieve Biophilic Work Spaces

We’re not sure of the exact numbers in the UK (we’re taking a gamble and guessing it’s not too dissimilar) but in the US it is estimated that the average person spends 90% of their time indoors – that’s a huge amount of your life.  Surely then, this places even more emphasis on the design of all of our buildings, including our office spaces, to promote healthy, productive, functional, creative and enjoyable environments to spend time in.

A simple way to achieve this is to incorporate wood (of course we are advocating sustainable wood here). This natural resource can be used in the structure of the building, the floors, walls and ceilings; it can be used in the office furniture, the desks, chairs and partitions; and it can be used on other work place accessories.

5 Reasons To Use Wood In Commercial Design

Beauty: With a range of colours and finishes, wood brings a special beauty.

Air Quality: The more you manage to include in your office environment, the more wood can improve and enhance your indoor air quality.

Acoustics: Consider the difference made by an office full of employees walking over stone or tile laid directly over concrete verses a wooden floor. Wood helps to absorb sound rather than bounce it back throughout the room.

Insulation: Wooden walls, partitions and cladding can enhance thermal comfort, and increase energy efficiency within a commercial environment.

Biophilic Benefits: More than just the buzzword of the moment, a biophilic working environment promotes health, well-being and productivity among workers. Biophilic translates as the innate wellness humans feel towards nature and bringing more wood into your office is a great way to achieve this.

20sixltd have extensive experience of helping all types of businesses achieve a more salubrious working environment, so if you would like to embrace biophilic design into your commercial environment please get in touch with us to see how we can help you to achieve this.