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Supporting The Martlets Hospice

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the updates that we provide - the latest trends in office design, best office furniture solutions, how workspaces affect employees etc. Well this week we're doing something a little different - and that is because our beloved MD is doing something a little different....

At the beginning of this year, Jeff Halls got his bike out from the back of the shed and started training for a charity bike ride, raising much welcomed funds for a Brighton based hospice, The Martlets. Here in the office we wondered, "ooh, will he be doing the London to Brighton bike ride?" Luckily, we were all sitting down when he informed us that he's doing just a little bit more than that.

Jeff is going to cycle, for 8 days, from Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, through the rice-paddies and waterways of the beautiful Mekong Delta and on into Cambodia.  

Once we got over our shock and realised that he was indeed serious about this, we, no doubt like yourselves, had a couple of questions that we wanted to ask him:

MartlettsInterview With Jeff Halls:

Why the Martlets? My Mum, Shirley,  spent a couple of weeks at The Martlets, and they looked after her, and us as a family, so well that I wanted to thank them in someway. We have also had a few other family members and friends who have used the charity, including most recently my Aunt and her partner, and they have been a huge support to all concerned.

Why this event? Primarily to raise money for such a good cause, but it will also help me to lose weight and get fitter.

Why cycling? It's a low impact sport. I hate running and it's something I can continue to enjoy to keep fit after the event is over.

When did you start training? January 4th.

How much training are you doing? I'm in the gym 3 mornings a week, on the bike 3 times a week, and on a diet eating food that I can't pronounce....

Have you had to have any immunisations? Yes, I've had to have Hep A&C, Diphtheria, and Typhoid. Ouch.

Any other prep in particular? Perhaps most challenging is the fact that I have to squeeze into Lycra - apparently this means that I have turned into a MAMIL (middle aged man in Lycra)...

We would really appreciate it if you could help us help Jeff to raise funds for the Martlets - if you can please Donate Now

Jeff has assured us that he will keep us updated whenever he can get online, and we'll let you know how he gets on.

The Blue Office?

This week was marked by Blue Monday – January 16th 2017 was given the in-auspicious title of the most depressing day of the year. Whether this rings true, or whether it is just a marketing ploy to get us to think about spending more money, the colour blue is sometimes associated with sadness.

Does this hold true then if your office design, furniture, and general branding is all in blue? Does this make your workspace a depressing environment?

Short answer – no. Using the colour blue in the business world denotes an altogether different message.

The Blue Office

A quick online search of companies who are using blue in their branding/logos brings up Samsung, Ford, Intel, Dell, American Express, BMW, and VW amongst others. Why would so many top brands use blue?

Business psychologists tell us that the colour blue relates to trust, honesty and dependability, which in turn can assist a company to build customer loyalty.

Blue also indicates confidence, reliability and responsibility. It relates to one-to-one communication rather than mass communication, seemingly putting the customer at the forefront of the companies’ needs. Think BMW’s tag-line – “The drive of YOUR life”.

Blue is associated with wisdom and knowledge whilst also being perceived as conservative and predictable. Physiologically, blue is calming, reducing tension and fear, and being a cool colour it creates a sensation of space. All of which makes it an ideal colour choice for both your office furniture and fixtures as well as the overall emphasis on your office colour scheme in general.

Having said that, we would never recommend using only one colour throughout your office for everything - over-use of any one colour can negate its effect and in fact have the opposite effect.

Here at 20six we have put Blue Monday firmly behind us and are actively enjoying the more positive connotations of this colour. If you would like some help and recommendations for office furniture that compliments your own company branding, please feel free to get in touch.

The Office Of 2017

Office Design Trends In 2017

Office design has always followed cultural shifts - from the factory owner lording it over his workers through to the advent of the white-collar workers placed in cubicles, workspaces reflect the wider society.

And in one sense we have come full circle. During the Industrial Revolution it was not uncommon for workers to die at work - and over the past few years we have identified that our sedentary work has led to questioning, "Are our jobs killing us?"

Office design trends in 2017 are a natural progression from the understanding that we need to change our lifestyle to maintain our health and our productivity.

Whereas workplace design has previously focused more on the 'things' - space, furniture, technology - 2017 is seeing a shift back onto the employee. The emphasis on the employee's experience, especially with regards to health and wellness, is going to be the driving force behind many of the workplace trends in the year ahead.

Three main areas of focus:

Personal Space: Giving your work force options as to where they work enables them to be more responsible for their own productivity. If they need to collaborate, ensure there are communal areas for them to work together in. If they require peace and quiet to achieve total focus, provide quite spaces for them to work. Choice gives your employees the option to work where they feel most happy.

Personal Lighting: There has been a lot of interest and studies carried out on the effect of lighting upon productivity. What suits one person at one moment may not be appropriate for their working neighbour, nor for all the types of work they need to carry out. Enabling your work force to brighten or dim their own light will enhance their productivity.

Personal Movement: Ergonomic office furnishings help to sustain employees’ health and wellness. Innovative and customised office furniture allows workers to shift between sitting and standing to lower fatigue. But beyond just sitting and standing, work environments should be programmed and designed to promote movement.

Ensuring that the needs of your workforce are at the forefront of any changes you make to your working environments will help staff retention, staff productivity, and overall company success.

If you would like any advice on office furniture or design, please get in touch with us.


New Year, New Offices?


We trust that you all had a great Christmas/New Year break and are all raring to go for 2017. Here at 20sixltd we have several really exciting projects lined up for the upcoming months and are looking forward to working with more businesses helping them to get their office spaces and office furniture spot on for their bespoke requirements.

The New Year heralds' new starts for people and for businesses. Resolutions, promises, a desire to improve and better ourselves. 20sixltd can help your business achieve this.

If your company was successful in 2016 it could be that you have outgrown your current work space. If you are considering relocating your offices, 20sixltd have extensive experience of project management and are here to help the moving process be as pain free as possible.

Or perhaps as you glance around your current offices you can see that your furniture, fixtures and fittings are looking tired, worn and shabby. We can not only advise you on the best and most cost-effective solutions for upgrading your office furniture, but are also able to supply what we recommend. Again, taking the headache away from you of having to research and source the furniture that will give your work space a new lease of life.

On top of that, we have hands-on expertise in re-jigging current office setups enabling you to maximise the space that you currently have, combined with solutions for noise reduction and better lighting solutions.

20sixltd are your one-stop 'shop' for all your office set-up requirements so if 2017 has inspired you to get more out of your office space give us a bell on 01273 303001 or email and let us help you to achieve your business goals.