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How To Choose Office Chairs

Your office chairs are an integral part of your overall office design. A common mistake people make when they choose their office chairs is to go for the aesthetic quality of design without taking the ergonomic design into account.

When you consider that a badly designed chair can cause back strain, leg and hip problems, and contribute to carpel tunnel syndrome, you begin to see why it is important to spend money on buying really good quality office chairs.

20six's Top Tips For Choosing The Best Office Chairs:

Adjustability: Most office chairs have at least some adjustability, most commonly height and arm rests, but as we are all different shapes and sizes your office chair should have a minimum of five different adjustments.

Back Support: With "bad backs" being the cause of employees taking sick leave, the backrest needs to have adequate support for your lower back - and as above, ideally you also need to be able to adjust it to fit your body.

Chair Base: Your chair's wheels need to be compatible with your office flooring: there are wheels that are designed specifically for carpets for example. And your chair should be able to swivel freely allowing easy access to any part of your work station and office desk.

Fabric: You may be figuratively glued to your office chair but you don't want to be literally stuck to it. Materials need to be breathable and have enough cushioning to support you.

Here at 20sixltd we have considerable and extensive experience of supply all types of office furniture including the best office chairs for your requirements, so if you need further help in getting your purchase right please get in touch with us.



How To Stay Cool In The Office

We have a global reputation as a nation obssessed with the weather and when extremes occur we take to social media.

As this past week saw temperatures rocket, here at 20sixltd we were interested to see how you were coping in your hot offices across the UK.

Here are some of our favourite updates from the #hottestdayoftheyear

Mobile Design

If you’ve ever seen A Christmas Carol, you’ll be familiar with the Dickensian office set up. Right up until recent history, offices were shoe-horned into existing, residential buildings. You’d still have the open fireplaces, the little rooms designed for a different purpose, large(ish) desk, piles of paper. A Health & Safety nightmare – had there been Health & Safety.

The modern office was hailed as so much more suitable – a building designed to be fully functional for the rising population of white collared workers. We had our own desks, our own desktop giant of a PC, a march down the hall to the photocopier. And with the rise of the modern office came the lack of "rise" in our working day – the sedentary lifestyle has become a major health risk to a huge number of people.

Meanwhile, as technology has evolved, we’ve stopped working 9 – 5 and leaving our work in the office. As the laptop has become the workhorse that the desktop once was, and with the advent of cloud based applications, our laptop can access the same data in the office as it can back home.

How we use our laptop at home in terms of furniture has been different to how we use it in the office. Now we are bringing our mobile devices into the office and are aware of how important it is to get up and move about, it’s time for office furniture designers to adapt to our working needs.

Some furniture designers have embraced the concept of the mobile office and new designs are incorporating the fluidity needed for today's workers. One such company State side that has caught our eye is The Good Mod, a Portland, Oregon-based design firm that was commissioned to build office furniture for a workspace in which the majority of the staff would be using laptops. Their furniture designs feature details that have been optimised for laptop use, such as conference tables with integrated power outlets, chairs with thick armrests, and furniture pieces that can be used as footrests that are light enough to move, but heavy enough not to budge.

With the rise of laptop use at the office, the furniture on which work is done has to evolve to fit the needs of the times, namely, to be adapted for portable work devices and all the new scenarios that come with their use in a business environment. We look forward to witnessing more office furniture designs that reflect modern working patterns.

Saltdean FC Sponsorship

All of the 20six team are avid football fans, and keen to help the local business economy. So it made sense for us to sponsor a local football team, and as our offices are based in Saltdean, we are proud to announce our sponsorship of Saltdean United Football Club.

Founded in that year when we last had a hugely successful national team, Saltdean United has been helping to promote football in the community since 1966. Their mini soccer teams start from the age of 6 and they have competitive teams from Under 11 all the way through to Adult Intermediate level. So if you are ever at a loose end on a Saturday afternoon during the season from August through to late April then why not come down to Hill Park to watch one of the Senior Teams.