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The A B C Of Design | Pt 2

We're on week two of our personal challenge to cover 20six different aspects of commercial interior design and the office is buzzing with ideas. Moving on now to letters G through to L:

Week Two - G to L

G: G is for Growth, something all businesses hope to achieve. The only problem with being successful and growing your business is that you can outgrow your work space. This leaves you with the dilemma or whether to make better use of the space that you currently inhabit or face the upheaval of relocating. If you are thinking of moving offices it is well worth your while talking to a company who specialises in office relocations from the outset to make your transition as pain free as possible.

H: H is for Hive. We introduced you to this innovative and award-winning modular furniture system way back in March 2016 - and we still love it. This is a truly flexible piece of office furniture that adapts to your bespoke needs. Check out our previous blog post on Hive to see how it could solve a whole host of space issues in your office.

J: J is for Jaded a state a great many offices are in. Let's face it, for most business owners getting on with the work that generates the sales has to be your top priority and checking to see how your office looks is way down the check list. If you've neglected your working environment and it has become somewhat jaded it has repecussions beyond just the look. If you’re not happy letting clients see your office, your office design is letting you down.

K: K is for Kitchens. The office kitchen area is often a rather grim space full of semi-clean mugs, strange unidentified organisms thriving in the little fridge, and a sponge that could quite possible get up and walk off on its own. Larger organisations have recognised the importance of getting the office kitchen up to spec and making it a place we would want to spend time in, to mingle with fellow employees we may not come across in our usual working day, and to provide healthy, nutritional sustenance to increase employees health and wellbeing.

L: L is for Lighting. Getting the balance of light right in your offices has a considerable impact on your staff's health and productivity. In addition to the affect upon the well-being of your employees, your office lighting levels will have an impact upon the impression that your work space has to any visiting clients, and plays a contributory factor on your electricity bills. We dedicated a blog post to getting your office lighting levels spot on which will give you more information.

Coming next week: Office Design ideas from M to R…..

Biophilic Office Design

Biophilic Office Design

We’ve discussed the effect that interior design elements have upon employee productivity and performance in several of our blog posts now. This isn’t a new “fad”, it’s supported by scientific studies – and common sense. Creating an office environment that you enjoy being in will naturally enhance your workday.

What Is Biophilic Design?

One way in which to make your workspace more amenable is to incorporate biophilic design concepts, be that for the entire office or just including elements within your space. Put simply, biophilic design integrates natural elements such as plants, wood, stone and water.

How To Add Biophilic Elements To Office Design

There are a whole host of ways in which you can enhance your working environment by bringing in natural elements. We've come up with four ways in which you can bring biophilic design into your offices.

Lighting: Studies have shown that employees who have access to natural light at work remain more alert and more productive than those who have only artificial lighting around them. Natural light is important to our circadian rhythm, so where possible use natural light in a controlled fashion to enhance and compliment any artificial illumination.

Flooring: Whilst we need to bear longevity, sustainability and costs in mind, a wooden floor brings elements of natural warmth to a room. There are good reasons why vinyl flooring comes in wood ‘effect’: wooden office flooring is a timeless classic, and is a hard-wearing, low-maintenance investment.

Plants: From a simple pot plant here and there to an entire living wall, plants will help make your office environment appear less sterile. Having real plants dotted about your office is something most businesses can achieve relatively cheaply, and demonstrates to your clients that you have the ability and the desire to care for things.

Furniture: Your office furniture can take on biophilic elements as well – office desks, chairs and other items can incorporate natural materials such as cotton canvas, linen, leather and wood.

Making your working environment feel more welcoming doesn’t need to cost the earth – we’ve listed just four elements that can assist, but if you would like any more help and advice for your office revamp then please do get in touch with us.

New Year, New Offices?


We trust that you all had a great Christmas/New Year break and are all raring to go for 2017. Here at 20sixltd we have several really exciting projects lined up for the upcoming months and are looking forward to working with more businesses helping them to get their office spaces and office furniture spot on for their bespoke requirements.

The New Year heralds' new starts for people and for businesses. Resolutions, promises, a desire to improve and better ourselves. 20sixltd can help your business achieve this.

If your company was successful in 2016 it could be that you have outgrown your current work space. If you are considering relocating your offices, 20sixltd have extensive experience of project management and are here to help the moving process be as pain free as possible.

Or perhaps as you glance around your current offices you can see that your furniture, fixtures and fittings are looking tired, worn and shabby. We can not only advise you on the best and most cost-effective solutions for upgrading your office furniture, but are also able to supply what we recommend. Again, taking the headache away from you of having to research and source the furniture that will give your work space a new lease of life.

On top of that, we have hands-on expertise in re-jigging current office setups enabling you to maximise the space that you currently have, combined with solutions for noise reduction and better lighting solutions.

20sixltd are your one-stop 'shop' for all your office set-up requirements so if 2017 has inspired you to get more out of your office space give us a bell on 01273 303001 or email info@20sixltd.com and let us help you to achieve your business goals.

10 Ways To Make Your Office Shine

10 Top Tips For Tip Top Office Design

Whether starting from scratch or redesigning an existing work space, you will be investing time and money in getting your office design spot on. Here are ten ways that you can achieve this from the outset.

10 Ways To Make Your Office Shine

Holding Pen: The area where clients and other visitors are asked to wait should be designed to cater for them as individuals. Too many offices place large settees in this space - people who don't know each other are unlikely to want to share a sofa together, and those with physical disabilities won't be catered for. Make sure you have individual seating arrangements to help your waiting area seem less like a holding pen.

Work and Play: OK, so we're all in the office to get a job done, but that doesn't mean that it's all work, work, work. You need to ensure that there is a distinct area for your employees where they can grab a coffee and mingle in a relaxed environment that is physically separate from the main work space.

Welcome: Your reception area is akin to a shop front - you wouldn't expect a lot of footfall into your shop if your window was crammed full of broken furniture, dusty old files and shabby ornaments. This is the first point of contact with your clients so ensure that it is warm and welcoming, professional and productive.

Storage: One of the downfalls encountered with hot desks is the lack of storage facilities for those using the work station. Like it or not, your employees need things; they'll bring in bags and coats, they'll require paper, pens, inks; the paperless office is still a thing of the future so ensure that your office space remains uncluttered by providing suitable storage both for essential office supplies and for your work force.

Dull & Dingy: We've talked about getting your office lighting right before, and we're mentioning it again because it is such an integral aspect of good office design. In an ideal world, you will have as much natural daylight as possible, but even if you do have plenty of large windows during the winter months you are going to need extra lighting. A well-lit workplace will aid productivity.

Variety Is The Spice: One of the downsides of open plan offices is that they all look the same. The same office chairs, the same coloured and height cubicle walls. Dull and uniform. Try and add some variety in your design - dividing walls can be different colours, different heights; breaking down the "sameness" can bring a new lease of life to a tired looking work space.

Look Down: Have you ever walked into a pub and thought "whoa!" as you could not fail to notice the glaring pattern on the carpet - and upon stepping in found it to be unpleasantly sticky. Office floors matter as much as any other aspect of your design. They need to be fit for purpose yes, but investing in flooring that looks great as well will again help lift your design above that of standard offices.

Spaced Out: When planning who will sit where you need to think about who works most with whom. If you have regular sales meetings it makes sense to have all your sales force in the same area. This goes for all departments - those who need to be in constant contact and collaboration need to be situated close to each other.

Ask & Listen: Before committing to your plans it is always worth your while asking your staff if there's anything they would/would not like in your new design. In addition to making them feel involved in your plans it may save you headaches in the future as sometimes a different perspective can shed light on things you may not have taken into consideration.

Super Hero: That is, you aren't - unless you are, in fact, and office designer, it would be madness to try and take on the entire project by yourself. There a whole host of specialists out there from office designers, project managers, office furniture specialists, lighting and flooring experts. Yes you will have to pay for this but ultimately if it means that you get your office tip top first time you will save money in the long run.

If you have an office design, re-fit, or furniture needs please get in touch with us.