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Google Office Design

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Google are the Kings of Search – we all know that. They have gone beyond being a name, to a global brand and on to being an activity: “I just Googled it”. So far, stating the obvious….

What they’re less renowned for is being market leaders in office design trends. It is to Google we owe the advent of the office playground with spiralling slides, table tennis, and liberal splashes of primary colours. But that was all so nineteen nineties.

We’ve had a sneaky peak into the new Google offices in London – and it’s interesting to see how they have changed their ideology away from quirky perks and back toward a more restrained design that is both flexible and sustainable.

So, what can we learn from Google’s new London office designs?

Google Office Design

The Reception Area: This is a vast atrium of open space, a beautiful blend of colour, geometry, and movement. The key here is flexibility – all of reception’s furnishings can easily be moved around or removed in the event that Google requires the space for other purposes.

The Pods: The flexibility theme continues with the modular meeting and videoconferencing rooms. As with the reception area, these pods are simple to put together, move, or take apart and are constructed using plywood panels that are tactile and fragrant.

The Acoustics and Ergonomics: All insulation panels have been perforated to stop unnecessary reverberation, and extra fan-coil units have been installed in the building’s ceilings. No stuffy, crammed office spaces here, there is a natural feeling to the flow of air within the entire building.

Biophilic design is big in commercial interiors now, and rightly so. Google understand this and have embraced it. We look forward to seeing more innovative ideas coming from this design trend as office spaces become places we look forward to going to on a Monday morning.

Biophilic Office Design

Biophilic Office Design

We’ve discussed the effect that interior design elements have upon employee productivity and performance in several of our blog posts now. This isn’t a new “fad”, it’s supported by scientific studies – and common sense. Creating an office environment that you enjoy being in will naturally enhance your workday.

What Is Biophilic Design?

One way in which to make your workspace more amenable is to incorporate biophilic design concepts, be that for the entire office or just including elements within your space. Put simply, biophilic design integrates natural elements such as plants, wood, stone and water.

How To Add Biophilic Elements To Office Design

There are a whole host of ways in which you can enhance your working environment by bringing in natural elements. We've come up with four ways in which you can bring biophilic design into your offices.

Lighting: Studies have shown that employees who have access to natural light at work remain more alert and more productive than those who have only artificial lighting around them. Natural light is important to our circadian rhythm, so where possible use natural light in a controlled fashion to enhance and compliment any artificial illumination.

Flooring: Whilst we need to bear longevity, sustainability and costs in mind, a wooden floor brings elements of natural warmth to a room. There are good reasons why vinyl flooring comes in wood ‘effect’: wooden office flooring is a timeless classic, and is a hard-wearing, low-maintenance investment.

Plants: From a simple pot plant here and there to an entire living wall, plants will help make your office environment appear less sterile. Having real plants dotted about your office is something most businesses can achieve relatively cheaply, and demonstrates to your clients that you have the ability and the desire to care for things.

Furniture: Your office furniture can take on biophilic elements as well – office desks, chairs and other items can incorporate natural materials such as cotton canvas, linen, leather and wood.

Making your working environment feel more welcoming doesn’t need to cost the earth – we’ve listed just four elements that can assist, but if you would like any more help and advice for your office revamp then please do get in touch with us.