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We Have Moved!

Business is booming here at 20sixltd - so much so that we have outgrown our Brighton offices and have had to move to much larger premises.

We're continuing to bring companies the best in our expertise and knowledge for office design and office fit out and are further expanding our office furniture services, providing the best solutions for all of your furniture needs.

With hands-on knowledge of sourcing and fitting the best lighting, acoustic and ergonomic solutions, 20six can help you to make the most of your workspace.

Please do get in touch with us to see how we can help you. Our new address is:

Units 19 & 20, Henfield Business Park
Shoreham Road, Henfield, BN5 9SL
T: Sussex Office 01273 303001 T: London Office 02030340476

 We look forward to hearing from you.

London Fit Out



20sixltd Case Study | Olympia

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Fancy a cuppa?

20sixltd were recently commissioned to carry out a complete refurbishment of an old café in Olympia exhibition halls. Understanding that any downtime meant a loss of earnings, 20sixltd were able to carry out the entire fit out from start to finish in just 13 days.

There was close collaboration between 20six and their client - the client had strong ideas about exactly what they required and 20six were on hand to offer help and advice throughout the entire project.

Having vast experience of all types of fit out covering a large aray of market sectors, installation of all new electrics and lighting was no issue for 20sixltd.

The end result is a clean, crisp, warm and welcoming new cafe area where you can relax and chat over a cuppa.

For all commercial refurbishment enquiries please email


Supporting The Martlets Hospice

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the updates that we provide - the latest trends in office design, best office furniture solutions, how workspaces affect employees etc. Well this week we're doing something a little different - and that is because our beloved MD is doing something a little different....

At the beginning of this year, Jeff Halls got his bike out from the back of the shed and started training for a charity bike ride, raising much welcomed funds for a Brighton based hospice, The Martlets. Here in the office we wondered, "ooh, will he be doing the London to Brighton bike ride?" Luckily, we were all sitting down when he informed us that he's doing just a little bit more than that.

Jeff is going to cycle, for 8 days, from Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, through the rice-paddies and waterways of the beautiful Mekong Delta and on into Cambodia.  

Once we got over our shock and realised that he was indeed serious about this, we, no doubt like yourselves, had a couple of questions that we wanted to ask him:

MartlettsInterview With Jeff Halls:

Why the Martlets? My Mum, Shirley,  spent a couple of weeks at The Martlets, and they looked after her, and us as a family, so well that I wanted to thank them in someway. We have also had a few other family members and friends who have used the charity, including most recently my Aunt and her partner, and they have been a huge support to all concerned.

Why this event? Primarily to raise money for such a good cause, but it will also help me to lose weight and get fitter.

Why cycling? It's a low impact sport. I hate running and it's something I can continue to enjoy to keep fit after the event is over.

When did you start training? January 4th.

How much training are you doing? I'm in the gym 3 mornings a week, on the bike 3 times a week, and on a diet eating food that I can't pronounce....

Have you had to have any immunisations? Yes, I've had to have Hep A&C, Diphtheria, and Typhoid. Ouch.

Any other prep in particular? Perhaps most challenging is the fact that I have to squeeze into Lycra - apparently this means that I have turned into a MAMIL (middle aged man in Lycra)...

We would really appreciate it if you could help us help Jeff to raise funds for the Martlets - if you can please Donate Now

Jeff has assured us that he will keep us updated whenever he can get online, and we'll let you know how he gets on.